Societe Generale’s flagship start-up accelerator program, Catalyst, has been highly collaborative in bringing together innovation experts, enterprise-relevant technology startups, fintech, incubators, funds and academic institutions with Societe Generale business leaders to deliver actionable solutions and insightful research, in areas of strategic interest to the banking industry.

Launched in December 2015, the program has partnered with some of the leading agents of change to deliver banking solutions that benefit global clients. The program’s focus areas have been in emerging technologies, with a client-centric approach to innovation. Working in the areas of Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to name a few, Catalyst has been delivering successful prototypes for implementation with its start-up partners.

In line with its commitment to anticipate the fast-changing customer demand, Societe Generale is developing its innovation strategy by experimenting with disruptive technologies and stepping up its interaction with the digital ecosystem in a spirit of open collaboration. The Societe Generale Group is notably dedicating €150 million euros over three years in an innovation fund to finance internal and external start-ups strategically aligned to digital transformation.

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The Catalyst program by Societe Generale was a defining moment in our journey. At the end of the program, we had the ultimate joy of signing up, Societe Generale as our customer. This has led to our business grow leaps and bounds, and today we have more than 10 large financial services organizations, as our customers. Without Catalyst, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Vijay Nadadur
Co-found & CEO
 - Stride.ai